Remembering Walter Cronkite

In the mid-1960s, LIVE 5 WCSC’s own Charlie Hall and Carroll Godwin visited with legendary CBS Newsman Walter Cronkite and filmed interviews.


CBS Anchor Walter Cronkite is interviewed by Live 5's Charlie Hall in a promotional film from the mid 1960s.

“I’ve never felt any particular fatigue factor playing a part in those operations,” Cronkite said. “I think it’s possibly because of just being so interested in the story. The adrenaline pumps a little faster, and as a matter of fact, you couldn’t drag me away from a running story if I’ve got an opportunity to do it.”

Godwin asked about critics who even then accused Cronkite of bias in one direction or the other, and asked if Cronkite wished to defend himself or his network.


Cronkite talks to Live 5 News at the airport in 1986.

It was the Tall Ships that brought Cronkite to the Lowcountry in May of 1986. Upon his arrival at the airport, he told a waiting LIVE 5 NEWS crew that the ships interested him as a sailor and also as a link to our maritime past. Of special interest to him at the time was the appearance of the Danish ship the Danmark, which he described as a “particular favorite” and whose captain was a “definite friend.”

For many news viewers over the years, there were few friends more definite than Walter Cronkite.


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