Williams Ready to Talk

For longtime Manhattan DJ Wendy Williams, becoming a television talk show host is seeing a lifelong dream fulfilled. “I was born media-ready,” Williams recently told Broadcasting and Cable. WendyWilliamsAThis fall, she will join the LIVE 5 WCSC daytime lineup on THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW.

“I’d been asked to guest host or appear on other shows in the past, but I really wanted something where I could just be Wendy,” she says.

Williams is an outspoken personality who is not afraid to speak openly about deeply personal matters, from plastic surgery to miscarriages, feeling that it’s better to “keep it real.”

THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW’s basic day-to-day format will consist of her “Hot Topics” monologue, a celebrity interview and the very popular “Ask Wendy” segment in which Williams takes questions from the audience.

In an interview for her upcoming show, she joked about a code in her family: T.M.T.F.T.L. — that’s “too much, too fast, too loud.” She says she was always the one saying something inappropriate. “I was always talking too loud, and talking too much, and too fast and I was always this candid. My original family — my mom, my dad, my brother, and sister — they know I was born to do this.”

Her radio show, “The Wendy Williams Experience,” airs in New York and boasts 12 million listeners. She has been on the air for 23 years. She also appeared on VH1’s “Wendy Williams is On Fire.” Williams has written three books and has received the Thurgood Marshall Prestige Award, wendywilliams_logohonoring those who embody the leadership, commitement and legacy for the late U.S. Surpreme Court Justive Thurgood Marshall.

THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW premieres on September 8th on LIVE 5 WCSC. We’ll have much more about the show before then, so be sure to drop back by the Live 5 Insider blog!


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