Meet the New Big Brother House Guests

When 12 contestants walk into the BIG BROTHER house on tonight’s premiere of the 11th version of the series, twists will immediately be waiting. LIVE 5 WCSC viewers will even be able to play along online for prizes from Sonic!

BB11_LogoFor one thing, they’ll be divided into memorable high school cliques: the popular, the athletes, the brainiacs and the off-beats. Then there’s the mystery guest: a 13th houseguest — no one knows who, yet — will be joining them for their competitions for food, safety from eviction and luxury prizes, and that mystery guest will give an advantage to one of the cliques.

“You may have graduated, but the truth is we never leave high school and this summer we are going to prove it,” says Allison Grodner, Executive Producer of BIG BROTHER. “From the brains to the jocks to the off-beat, everyone will be able to identify to one of these cliques, giving the viewers a group to root for and against from the very beginning. The division will cause instant drama.”

The 12 house guests this time around are:

  • Braden Bacha, 28, from Santa Monica, CA, is single and a surfer.
  • Casey Turner, 41, from Lakeland, FL, is a married dad who teaches fifth grade.
  • Chima Simone, 32, from West Hollywood, CA, is single and works as a freelance journalist.
  • Jeff Shroeder, 30, from Norridge, IL is a single advertising salesman.
  • Jordan Lloyd, 22, from Matthews, NC, is single and works as a waitress.
  • Kevin Campbell, 29, from Chula Vista, CA, is a single graphic designer.
  • Laura Crosby, 21, from Atlanta, GA is a single bikini model.
  • Lydia Tavera, 24, from Torrance, CA, is single and works as a Special Effects Make-Up Artist.
  • Michele Noonan, 27, from Pasadena, CA, is a married neuroscientist.
  • Natalie Martinez, 24, from Gilbert, AZ, is single and a Tae Kwon Do Champion.
  • Ronnie Talbott, 30, from Belpre, OH, is a married gamer.
  • Russell Kairouz, 24, from Walnut Creek, CA, is a single Mixed Martial Arts Fighter.

The house itself will be something of a surprise, too, because this time, the house where they’ll live under the watchful eye of cameras has been transformed into a green, eco-friendly living machine. The interior walls of the house are covered with a reconstituted wood panel product made from re-claimed wood flakes. This eco-friendly material reduced the amount of new lumber used to build the BIG BROTHER house. For the first time ever, the Houseguests will be made fully aware of the amount of waste they create, and will be required to sort, recycle and place all food items in an outdoor manual compost center, as well as an indoor automatic composter. The Head of Household Suite feels like seaside in Big Sur, Calif., where actual driftwood hangs on the copper patina tinted walls while a working waterfall, using recycled water, trickles over stacked stone to serve as a headboard. Zebra wood columns (all faux wood) press into the room framing a contemporary window that overlooks the “surf.”

Following tonight’s premiere at 8:00pm, BIG BROTHER will air three nights weekly, beginning Sunday, July 12 (8:00-9:00pm), Tuesday, July 14 (9:00-10:00pm) and the live eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, beginning Thursday, July 16 (8:00-9:00pm).

Here’s the cool part for LIVE 5 WCSC viewers: you can log on to during tonight’s episode and vote for which house guest will be evicted. You’ll have from tonight’s premiere through the start of Sunday’s show to predict who’ll get the boot. On Sunday, they’ll name the two house guests facing eviction, and then on Tuesday, someone gets sent packing.  If you’re right on eviction night, you’re in the running to win a gift card for great food from Sonic.

You can only make your pick each week from the start of Thursday night’s episode at 8:00pm until the start of Sunday night’s episode at 8:00pm. To play, go to the Contests page and look for the BIG BROTHER contest button.


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