Tuesday’s Episode of The Young and the Restless

Because of Michael Jackson funeral coverage, today’s episode of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS aired at 11:00am. Here’s a recap of what happened on today’s episode in case you missed it.

Phyllis, Nick and Michael meet with Heather on a fact-finding mission to figure out why Phyllis has been accused of hurting Summer. YR_LOGOMeanwhile, Mary Jane is satisfied that Phyllis will be too busy defending herself to go after Jack anymore. Later, Heather pushes Nick for information on his relationship with Sharon. Phyllis loses her cool with Heather and slaps her. Heather makes it clear to Michael that she isn’t letting this case drop for any reason. Later, Heather meets with Mary Jane to reassure her that no one will ever know that she was the one who reported the abuse. Meanwhile, Nick decides to take Phyllis to the hospital, no matter what.

At the hospital, Phillip explains to Cane that he came back so that Cane didn’t have to take the fall alone for everything they did. In her hospital room, emotions are high as Kay says that her faith has been rocked to the core. Cane tries to apologize but Kay is disgusted by his actions and Jill is heartbroken. Nina finds Phillip at the Chancellor Estate and looks to him for answers that he isn’t ready to give her. Kay informs Jill that she doesn’t want this second chance with Phillip because this plan he contrived with Cane nearly killed her and she doesn’t think she can get past it. Neil shows up at Cane’s just as Cane is desperately trying to make Lily understand why he did what he did. Neil pushes Cane away and demands that he never touch his daughter again. Later, Lily gives Cane back her wedding ring. Phillip admits to Nina that he is gay.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS returns to its normal time slot of 12:30pm tomorrow on LIVE 5 WCSC.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Episode of The Young and the Restless

  1. I myself and my daughter are just about fed up with the Gay scenes on the Young & Restless. If you don’t stop putting these things in the show scenes, we will stop watching the show altogether. We see enough of this in real life already. It is just not a good idea for children to see these type behiavor on TV. I know it is out there but you need to think of how it looks to a teenager watching TV. The kids nowadays are seeing things at school that are not right either.Thanks for your time.

  2. Elna,

    Thanks for your comment. We encourage you to go to this link at CBS.com or call CBS Audience Services at 212-975-3247 and let them know how you feel.

    We don’t have any control over which scenes are written into the show: that’s entirely a Network decision, and we know they appreciate hearing from loyal viewers.

    Thanks for watching!

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