Tuesday’s Episode of Guiding Light

Because of Michael Jackson funeral coverage, today’s episode of GUIDING LIGHT was pre-empted. Here is a recap of today’s plotline.

Jeffrey explains to Reva that his plane is going down and he called to say goodbye. Reva desperately clings to hope that Jeffrey will make it and assures him of how much she loves him. Suddenly the line goes dead. Josh runs to her when he hears her screaming. Josh calls Frank and explains to him what happened. Guidling_Light_LogoFrank alerts the FAA. Mallet and Marina get a surprise visit from Edmund’s lawyer, who informs them that Edmund added Henry to his will. Mallet wonders how Edmund knew Henry was his grandson and Marina worries that Henry is in danger. Marina opens the box from Edmund and finds an envelope addressed to Henry. Marina reads the letter from Edmund, which says that he knew Henry was alive and that the people of Springfield were liars who kept it hidden from him. Marina holds Henry tight and burns all of Edmund’s papers. Shayne and Mallet suddenly realize that Dinah was with Jeffrey. Frank tells Shayne they have no information to find Jeffrey. Reva is furious when she overhears Frank say that Dinah and Jeffrey are probably dead.

Frank announces that Remy and Cyrus are both getting recognized for solving the diamond case. Frank gives certificates of honor to Remy and Cyrus. Frank informs Cyrus that he’s been recruited as a criminal consultant for the SPD. Buzz still wonders who donated the stove. Daisy is shocked when she receives a check for tuition to Berkeley and has no idea where it came from. Daisy explains to Ashlee that even if she wanted to go to Berkeley, she couldn’t because they gave away her spot. Buzz finally gets the nerve to open Coop’s box and inside, he finds a stack of books about robberies and jewel thieves. Remy points out to Cyrus that a few diamonds were missing. After Remy leaves, Cyrus looks at the diamonds he kept and it’s revealed that he’s Daisy and Buzz’s benefactor.

GUIDING LIGHT returns to its normal time slot of 3:00pm tomorrow on LIVE 5 WCSC.


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