Wednesday’s Episode of As The World Turns

Portions of the soap AS THE WORLD TURNS did not air today on LIVE 5 WCSC because of live coverage of Governor Mark Sanford’s press conference.

Here’s a synopsis of today’s episode so you can stay up-to-date:

Alison and Hunter return to Aurora, Hunter’s mother, in search of Hunter’s real father. They try to prod her memory of the man she once mentioned, named Tristan, but to no avail. ATWT_logoHunter discovers his father is listed as Tristan Wagner on his birth certificate, but upon further investigation the only Tristan Wagner in the area is definitely not Hunter’s father. Upset, they go to Yo’s where Hunter kisses Ali, but Ali turns him down.

Larry miraculously finds Emily’s eggs at Memorial and invites her to the opera to celebrate. Emily and Larry grow closer as they share drinks in his hotel room. Tired and tipsy, Emily crashes at Larry’s. Susan, meanwhile, is highly suspicious that Larry was able to so easily discover Emily’s missing eggs. Susan warns the attending nurse who allowed Larry into the hospital that she must never give Larry access again.

Dusty discovers Damian is buying up a controlling amount of shares in WorldWide. Dusty confronts Damian in the Lakeview Lobby, in front of Bonnie, Meg, Lily, and Holden. Meg can’t stand it and swears off men. Lily talks to Damian about his decision and Damian admits he was wrong. Lily agrees to help Damian in his pursuit of Meg. Damian sells the shares he was buying. Dusty’s relieved but can’t let it go. Bonnie tries to calm him down and they go on a date. Damian apologizes to Meg, who admits he may have a chance with her if he stops using his money to control people. Holden asks Lily to not support Damian’s interest in Meg.

If you’d rather watch the episode in its entirety, just follow this link to the show’s official page on, where full episodes post some time after 6:00pm on the day of air.


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