Introducing My 5!

my5logoWe’re launching an exciting new feature at And your behind-the-scenes blogger is quite happy about it.  The new feature, My 5, replaces an older feature called “See It, Snap It, Send It.”

Wait a second…let me double check that name…yep. I got it right.

This time.

In fact, the title “See It, Snap It, Send It,” has led to some inside jokes in the office, because I never got the name right. I’d end up with some alternate name like “Spot It, Shoot It, Share It,” which, you have to admit, would have been just as good.

But My 5 is better for a much bigger reason than an easier-to-remember title: picture a YouTube-like system, exclusive to Live 5 WCSC viewers. Yes! In addition to the pictures that “Spy It, Shoot It, Serve It” “See It, Snap It, Send It” handled so well, you’ll also be able to upload videos, even from your cell phones.

If you see breaking news or severe weather happening, we certainly want you to send us that. It’s also a place where you can send us pictures from your aunt’s 100th birthday party, or shots of your pet doing a funny trick, or a shot of your baby taking its first step. There will even be contests throughout the year.

There are categories that make the whole process easier, too.  There’s the News category for any breaking news you see, and Weather for good weather shots you take: stormy weather, a beautiful Lowcountry sunset, or anything in between.  Then there’s the Sports category for any sporting events you happen to run across.

The Lowcountry Life is an umbrella category for things unique to the Lowcountry, including historic places, special events, weddings and the like.

The People category is the place for pictures of your family, and the Pets category is where you’d send us photos or videos of your furry, feathered or finned friends.

And we’ll begin with an opportunity for you to show off your patriotism just in time for the July 4th holiday! So stay tuned for details about that.

In the meantime, have a look at what’s new, and start uploading your pictures and videos, at!


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