Changes Coming for Three Rivers

There are changes behind the scenes at the CBS medical drama THREE RIVERS.

Wait a second, you may be thinking to yourself. THREE RIVERS? I’ve never even seen that show.

And you’d be right.

THREE RIVERS is set to premiere in the fall. After the pilot episode was produced, producers decided to make some changes to give the show a warmer feel. The show is set in Pittsburgh, where three rivers meet. Most of the action centers on a team of transplant specialists and the patients they’re treating, and the stories are told from the points of view of the surgeons, the patients, and the families of those whose lives were lost and from whom life-saving organs were taken for others.

I’ve seen the pilot episode, and it’s really a good show. Later this week, we’ll run a little preview here at WHAT’S ON LIVE 5 to give you an idea of what to expect.

So stay tuned and thanks for reading!


One thought on “Changes Coming for Three Rivers

  1. I am looking forward to the show. I hear it portrays very well the transplantation stories from the donor, recipient and surgeons. I also heard about the changes, settings and actors, but expect that should make it better!

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