Big Switch A Success, FCC Says

Now that The Big Switch to digital is finally over, the FCC is saying that things went pretty smoothly around the country as 971 television stations shut down their analog signals.

BIGSWITCH_LOGOTV Newsday reports that of the more than 300,000 calls to the agency’s hotline, nearly 30 percent concerned problems with converter boxes that were resolved by telling viewers utilize the “rescan” function.

That’s the same advice we gave Friday morning during our morning news as the shutdown occurred live on the air.

Here at LIVE 5 WCSC, we were preparing for the worst: much of our staff, both our on-air staff and the folks behind the scenes like me, your blog editor, went through training to help us prepare for a possible flood of calls.

But the Lowcountry was well-prepared for The Big Switch: we received only a handful of calls all day long. In fact, the majority of calls we received shortly after we went all digital came from viewers who were calling to tell us that they were receiving our digital signal with no problem.

Just last night, though, I went to a big-name discount store for a few items and noticed that a customer ahead of me was buying a DTV converter box. It was an interesting reminder that not everyone was ready before the switch happened, even with more than a year of reminders on the air and on our main website,

I hope you’re enjoying our all-digital broadcasts! Thanks, as always, for watching LIVE 5 WCSC.


3 thoughts on “Big Switch A Success, FCC Says

  1. With the dawn of the digital age of television I am curious to know if WCSC is planning any other secondary programing on your digital signal. Live-5 has always been a leader in inovation and is my favorite local station. I noticed at Wikopedia the mention of something about weather on 5.2, that will be nice but I am hoping that you can do better.

  2. Hi, Oz.

    LIVE 5 WCSC is excited about some new programming opportunities on a secondary channel in the future. Stay tuned to this blog…we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we get closer.

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