It’s D-Day at LIVE 5 WCSC.  Digital Television Day, that is.

It’s the day we’ve been talking about for more than a year now, the day we usher in a federally-mandated transition to a different way of broadcasting.


At 6:00am, Bill Burr and Chief Meteorologist Bill Walsh pressed a button to shut down the analog broadcast at our transmitter site in Awendaw, ushering in a new era of digital-only broadcasting for the television station.

Walsh_Burr_BigSwitch“Right now, we’ll say Channel 5 is now alive in the new century, as we broadcast in digital television,” Walsh said, referring to Charlie Hall’s original sign on from nearly 56 years earlier.

Meanwhile, back at the station, we’re manning a phone bank to answer questions for people who are having problems receiving our signal.  One of the most common problems, according to LIVE 5 WCSC Engineer Lowell Knouff, is easily remedied most of the time:  “The first thing I would recommend, if you’re not getting Channel 5 well, is to rescan.”

Your digital converter box or digital television set should have a menu selection for scanning channels.  (Check your owner’s manual for details.)  Rescan and it should find our signal.  You should do this over the course of the day and evening as other local stations shut down their old signal, too: that way, you’ll no longer have your television stop on previously-active analog signals that aren’t there anymore.

If rescanning doesn’t help, Knouff says you may need to adjust your antenna.

“Put it on a station [you’re receiving well] and move the antenna around until you have the peak signal that you can get,” Knouff says.

Once you have the peak signal, rescan again.  This will hopefully help your tuner lock in a good signal.

DTV_Converter_Box_1If you’re receiving us through an antenna and converter box, you need to make sure you have a VHF/UHF antenna: LIVE 5 WCSC’s signal, which has been in the VHF band since we signed on in 1953, is now in the UHF band.  In fact, the only Lowcountry station that will be in the VHF band following today’s switch will be the ETV station.  If you’re only receiving that station, that’s a sign that your antenna isn’t able to receive UHF stations.

If you’re still having trouble, LIVE 5 WCSC’s phone bank may be able to offer other suggestions for your situation.  Call us at 402-5566 and we’ll try to walk you through diagnosing the problem.


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