The Big Switch: Tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning is when LIVE 5 WCSC ushers in a new era in television:  all-digital broadcasting.

OLD-CAMERAIt reminds us of other times when we’ve made historic changes to the way we get our signal to our viewers.  Back in the 1960s, the big change was a switch from black and white to color.  In the 1980s, it was the switch to a taller tower, reaching more viewers than ever before.  And just last September, LIVE 5 WCSC became the first Lowcountry station to broadcast local news in high definition.

And tomorrow, the change comes bright and early and live on the air at 6:00am, when we flip the switch to shut down our analog transmitter system. Live 5 News’ Bill Burr and Chief Meteorologist Bill Walsh will broadcast live from our transmitter site in Awendaw in the morning, and you’ll see the moment the switch gets flipped.

BIGSWITCH_LOGOAnd what we hope happens at that very moment is…absolutely nothing.

If all goes well, and if you’re prepared for The Big Switch to digital television, that’s exactly what will happen:  you shouldn’t notice any difference at all.

But new research from Nielsen, the company that takes ratings on your favorite shows, indicates that nationwide, 2.8 Million homes are still not ready for the Big Switch.  That’s why we’ll have members of the LIVE 5 WCSC on standby, answering phones just in case you lose our signal and aren’t sure why.  In fact, today, members of our staff are going through special training to be sure we’re all able to answer your DTV questions should problems appear.

So be sure to join us tomorrow morning at 6:00am during LIVE 5 NEWS and watch history happen.


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